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Archive for October 2017

Breaking the Monotony of Sitting for your Spine

Posture should be a health priority At Associates in Chiropractic, we believe that the proliferation of electronic entertainment, and the demographic shift putting more people in workplace settings, puts posture at the top of the list for health priorities. Unfortunately, few offices are equipped to set their workers up for success. Demanding that you work…

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Trigger Point Myotherapy: Busting the Pain at its Source

Trigger points cause true pain There is a strong likelihood that you are walking around with a few latent trigger points at this very moment; the problems begin when these latent points become active. Trigger points are sensitive areas in the muscle or connective tissue, known as the fascia, that cause pain when they are…

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A Matter of Milliseconds: Improving Reaction Times for Athletes

Why better reaction time is important Being able to react quickly is an essential part of human existence. The reaction time of muscles is important for anyone interested in preventing injury, moving efficiently and staying healthy. Rapid reaction time helps us protect our bodies in split-second decisions throughout the day and this becomes all the…

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Posture Reset: An Exercise in Postural Awareness

How is your posture at this very moment? Could it benefit from a quick adjustment? Try the following postural reset: Sit up straight Pull your navel in toward your spine and up toward your ribs Roll shoulders back and down Look straight ahead, keeping your neck balanced straight atop the spine Drop your tailbone down…

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