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Archive for December 2016

Why Warming Up Counts More During Winter

Warming up is of paramount importance during winter Think of your muscles as a rubber-band ball- tightly wound. Now think of that rubber-band ball sitting in a refrigerator! While this is a slight exaggeration, your pre-workout muscles are tightly wound and they start colder during the winter time. If you initiate a vigorous work out…

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Dieting against Winter Fatigue

As mentioned in my last blog, dieting is an immensely effective tool for fending off the fatigue of winter. Chances are, you are already consuming some of the ingredients you need to stay energized, just maybe not in the correct amounts or at the right time! An initial key is to trade off the sugar…

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Combating Winter Fatigue

Winter fatigue Winter fatigue is so common: do you ever feel like days can be more of a slog during the cold winter months? There is a biological reason for this: less sunlight and fewer hours of it lead the body to produce more melatonin, a hormone that makes us feel sleepy. Indeed, people that…

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Cool Down

Cooling Down The cool-down is the oft-neglected sibling of the warm-up and, while its importance is perhaps secondary, it can be utilized to great effect for anyone hoping to round out their exercise on a positive note. By focusing on breathing and slowing down the heart rate, we can transition out of exercise mode and…

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