If you are looking for a great way to lose weight this summer, we suggest finding your nearest lake, shoreline or pool and getting wet for an hour! From a chiropractor’s perspective, swmming is at the top our of list for healthy aeorbic exercise because it helps you shed weight and build muscles without dealing…

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Water is your Friend, Remember?

Water is the most basic and essential ingredient for health. But, we cry, there are so many more tasty alternatives to water: Give me a smoothie! Give me tea! Give me soda and give me coffee! Perhaps this is why some studies estimate that up to 80% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. It is time…

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Sleeping for Happiness

proper sleep

Sleep is one of the most powerful ways to influence your well-being, along with diet and exercise. Not sleeping enough, or not getting enough restful sleep is linked to depression, obesity, hypertension and cancer, while sleeping adequately and restfully is linked to high levels of mental and physical performance and a host of other healthful…

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Friendly Reminders from your Chiropractor for Summertime.


Ways to avoid injury and improve health this summer: Warm up and cool down: this applies to people of all ages, levels of fitness and at all times of the year. Limbering your muscles endows them with flexibility and a resistance to injury. As we get older, our muscles become more prone to injury from…

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Summer Nutrition for Beating Back Pain

summer nutrition

For people looking to recover from an injury to the back, or for people serious about prevnting injury, diet is a huge way to influence your success. As mentioned before, there is no better time than summer to start eating for the health of your back. Remember that Vitamin D is abundant during the summer,…

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