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Archive for June 2017

Flexion-Distraction Technique

Your back pain is unique; let’s work together to find a unique solution  At Associates in Chiropractic, we believe that the spine is a key to wellness. Because every single human movement is either effected by or has an effect in relation to the spine, there are a lot of forces conspiring to move it…

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Common Signs that You Are Pushing Too Far

Staying health always involves listening to your body But what does this mean? Every milisecond, every movement, every thought and sensation involve a communication exhange between brain and body. The majority of this is sub-conscious, but if we take a second to slow down and perceive what information is actually being passed on to our…

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Getting the Oxygen your Cells Deserve

What happens to your muscles when they don’t get enough oxygen? It is quite a sad story: when, either due to not enough input (poor breathing) or not enough delivery (poor circulation), cells don’t require the oxygen they need to perform cellular respiration, they degenerate and take your muscles along with them. Furthermore, with poor…

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Maintaining SuperYou: After you Leave the Chiropractor’s Office

Feeling great after a chiropractic adjustment? Many people feel like their greatest selves after a chiropractic adjustment. But it is important that you have not acquired superpowers. While chiropractic helps people feel less pain and more range of motion, it is important to remember that the onus is now upon you to maintain this high.…

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With Spinal Instability, the Integrity of Your Spine is at Stake

Define: spinal instability Spinal instability is a non-medical term that describes a particular condition involving the vertebrae: essentially abnormal movement between the vertebrae. As a disc loses strength over time, whether due to lack of attention, injury or even age, the disc can become compromised and begin to bulge. As the material in the middle…

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