Gardening Stretch Routine


Add a simple stretching routine to your gardening ritual to preserve the longevity of your spine and prevent pain from creeping into your life. At Associates in Chiropractic, we love the exercise that gardening provides to people after a winter of hibernation and lessened activity. Stretching the right muscles before you garden will keep you limber…

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Gardening season is in full swing, to the chagrin of spines everywhere. For many people, gardening signals a change from a winter of hermit-like indoor dwelling lifestyle to a full bore garden activist in the spring and summer. While you may be mentally chomping at the bit to get at the garden, our bodies may…

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Hamstring Health

hamstring stretch

A collateral victim of the deskbound lifestyle is the hamstring. Sitting all day tightens the hamstrings, which in turn start to pull on the pelvis, causing misalignment in the lower spine. This can set a precedent for pain that will leave you feeling sore as you leave the office. Anyone who is trying to unwind…

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Exercises for Core Stability

side planking

Develop the core as a stabilizer and the rest of your body will thank you. This is especially important for people involved in physical endeavor: a stable core provides the base from which you can perform all other manner of exercise with an extra guard against injury. As you might know, chiropractors are big on…

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Simple Stretches for Core Stability


There is no magic bullet for spinal longevity. Back pain sufferers know all too well that rehabilitating an injury, however slight, is much more difficult than starting from the vantage point of a healthy spine. If you are blessed at this point in your life to be free of back pain, don’t take it for…

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Falling Asleep


Sleep is an art: when it is done well, you wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to take the day. When it is not done well, the results can be anywhere from disappointing to downright dismal. A poor night’s sleep can leave you stiff and sore, limit circulation and range of motion, contribute to headaches…

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Wisdom Through Walking


How powerful is the simple act of walking? Putting one foot in front of the other, at the pace of your choice, is the number one way to start on a path toward greater health.  The most rewarding benefit of a walk is that it provides you with spinal balance, helping to coordinate all the…

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Corrective Exercise in Clifton


At Associates in Chiropractic, the last thing we want is for your treatment to end when you walk out the door. It is part of our job to instill you with a thirst for a healthy back care lifestyle that includes a penchant for nutrition, posture and exercise that will change the way your back…

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Stretching on the Fly

Whether hard at work or relaxing at home, you can always add in a quick stretch to break the monotony of sitting for long periods of time. (Just don’t try this in the car.) To add a dash of flexibility, relieve tension and generally feel less anxious, give these simple stretches a try the next…

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Sit Less, Move More

move more

Sitting got you down? It may have your spine ailing without your knowing it. Sitting has become a persvasive trend of the 21st century. At Associates in Chiropractic, we want you to sit less, walk more and generally feel better. The impact on your spine can be felt immediately. For reasonable amounts of flights, take…

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