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Archive for March 2016

Diet and Exercise for Herniated Discs

Changing your diet to accommodate for a herniated disc injury is one of the easiest ways you can influence your recovery; likewise, exercise is an important element of healing. Paying close attention to factors that are within your control can make the difference between a speedy recovery and a drawn out period of pain. At…

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Herniated Discs Continued

There are three primary types of herniated discs, named for their region in the spine: lumbar, thoracic or cervical. Each region shares the load of your body weight and allows for range of motion; intervertebral discs are the shock absorbers, a central component to the essential functioning of your body. A structure subject to as…

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Herniated discs

A herniated disc is a serious sounding injury: indeed, the pain caused by a herniated disc leads many people to seek out surgery as an option for correcting the problem. Most commonly, however, the disc will naturally heal itself in a matter of weeks to months. For some lucky people, they may not experience even…

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Chiropractic for non-specific low back pain

We frequently treat patients who complain of back pain with no discernible cause. Chronic low back pain is annoying at the very least, and if it is impacting your quality of life negatively, it should be addressed. When people are suffering from non-specific low back pain, we aim to improve pain by establishing and maintaining…

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Post-Accident Headaches

In the immediate aftermath of an automobile accident, the extent of damage to your body can be hard to determine alone. Adrenaline, the hormone responsible for preparing your body for high-stress situations, has a numbing effect on pain that will wear off in the days following the accident. Symptoms of underlying damage may not manifest…

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