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Archive for February 2018

Climbers Keep Going Up with Chiropractic

Climbing is a healthy addiction To qualify that statement, it is as healthy as an addiction can get. Climbing is a sport that gets close to the meaning of being a human- an intense personal challenge that pushes you far outside of your comfort zone in search of the boundaries that make you feel alive.…

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Decompression Daily: Stretching for Back Pain

Decompression is a powerful modality for improving spinal health There is a misconception that decompression can only be achieved through surgery or on a traction table. And while we put great store by the nonsurgical decompression that we practice at Associates in Chiropractic, we also believe in daily decompression through stretching. Yoga, for example, contains…

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Keeping Your Spine Aligned During Pregnancy

Spinal misalignment makes for an uncomfortable pregnancy The pregnant body is a moving mosaic of misalignment. From the early stages of pregnancy through to your body’s attempt to return to normalcy post-partum, the joints in your spine are facing a constant struggle to support you and the weight of your new baby. It’s no wonder…

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Being Proactive About Neck Pain

Neck pain is the preeminent byproduct of office work  What could be more characteristic than commuting home with a sore, stiff neck. Office lifestyles breed this kind of pain: to begin with, sitting is the position that puts the most pressure on the spine, up to 50% more than standing. And that is with good…

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What your Sleep Posture Says About Your Pain

Sleep plays a central role in pain Sleep is supposed to be a pain deterrent. It is supposed to be a time of restoration: during REM sleep, blood flow to the brain slows and redirects toward the muscles of the body, allowing cells throughout to get the nutrients they need to rebuild. In this way,…

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