Would you like to be one of the healthiest people on the planet?

If the answer is yes, you will want to mark these programs on your calendar!

Dr. Albert Stabile Jr. D.C., Chiropractic Physician

1) Nutrition, Purification/Detoxification/Cleanse and Weight Loss Workshop -  What you need to know about your diet NOW before it’s too late

2) Top 10 Killers for Men and Woman-Mayo Clinic

3) GI Flora Balance-Intestinal Dysbiosis and the Immune System Workshop - How the digestive system regulates and promotes good health and immunity.

4) Wellness, Chiropractic and Nutrition workshop - Proper nutrition and wellness.

5) Senior Health Workshop - Good health and the senior

6) The Silent Killer Workshop - The Result of Nervous System Compromises

Call to reserve a place and for Dates-Space is limited.

These programs are designed to teach individuals how to create health and vitality through nutrition. The information you will learn is absolutely life-changing. The doctors will be teaching the very latest information on vitamins and minerals. You will learn shocking information that every American must know about their diets, weight loss and nutrition immediately. You will also learn strategies of exactly what to do NOW to reverse the damaging effects of a poor diet. This fun interactive class will help you discover health through nutrition.

Americans are slowly killing themselves with a very poor diet containing very poor nutrients.  According to the U.S. Senate document 264, “99% of Americans are mineral deficient, and concludes that any marked deficiency results in disease.”  Come learn why genetically engineered foods, irradiated foods, commercial foods, and chemicals are destroying our nutrition.  We will also make sure you understand the necessary steps you need to take to build a healthy diet filled with the nutrients your body needs.

Expect a fun-filled evening.  You are welcome and encouraged to bring guests who are also interested in healthy weight loss and nutrition.  We will also have awesome door prizes to be given out at the end of the program and healthy refreshments.

The program is complimentary for prospective patients, all patients of Dr. Stabile's Chiropractic Office and their guests.

Please Call for dates and times.

Call to register at (845) 325-3586.

Give yourself the Wellness Chiropractic Advantage.