Life in the Comfort Zone: Neutral Posture and Workplace Efficiency

Neutral posture is when your spine says thank you

It is not just one, but a series of positions that puts the least amount of pressure on the spine in a given situation. Most of us will agree that, no matter the activity, we can usually benefit from slight adjustments to our posture. We should always be seeking neutral posture- the position in which the spine is aligned and a minimum amount of presssure is placed on the spinal motion segments, including spinal joints.

Working in the comfort zone 

The power zone is the space in which efficiency is optimized and spinal pressure is minimized. It is roughly defined as being between mid-thigh and mid-chest, or about where we go to shake hands. In essence, if you can conduct your work where you would normally shake hands, you are maintaining a neutral posture and minimizing the amount of stress to your spine caused by excessive reaching.

To imagine this further, assume that the bulk of your work involved lifting and moving objects. In this scenario, you are primarily working in the danger zone below the thighs, causing stress to the structures and tissues of the back. 

Improving spinal health starts by minimizing risk factors 

Neutral posture is not a position so much as it is a lifestyle. Maintaining neutral posture requires awareness and consciousness of movement at all times. At our office in Hackensack, we are well equipped to help you improve your spinal health habits in order to minimize risk factors and improve efficiency in all activities. 



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