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Dr. Lori Ann G. Palumbo D.C. & Dr. Albert Stabile Jr. D.C.

Archive for July 2019

Tips for Re-Framing Negative Beliefs

A big part of achieving our goals and keeping a positive mindset is handling invasive and negative thought patterns that no longer serve us. Read on for a few ways to turn negative thoughts into more positive ways of thinking. Turns Weaknesses into Strengths We might think we’re less-than-adequate at a certain activity, task, or…

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Chiropractic for Tempromandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

TMJ has to do with a group of Temporomandibular joint disorders which cause the connecting points of the jaw and skull to irritate and swell, causing pain and discomfort. Symptoms of TMJ can vary from trouble chewing to full-blown headaches and neck pain. In some cases patients can even become dizzy and lose their footing.…

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