Winter Fitness

Winter is fast approaching, and as the cold winds come, you will hear the echoes of your Hackensack chiropractor urging you not to throw out any health and fitness progress you may have made during the warmer months. We generally work out less in the winter because our motivation to go outside is lessened: the…

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Healthy Hips for Less Pain

Let’s make this very clear: we need to stop using the lower back to perform the functions of the hips and posterior muscle chain! When we forget how to use hip joints, a very common and potentially dangerous domino-effect occurs: muscles that are usually activated fall by the way side and weaken, but the range…

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Planking: what is it good for? Quite a bit, it turns out: so much has been made of this relatively simple exercise, especially on Youtube and pop culture, but from a fitness (and a chiropractor’s) perspective, the plank deserves a place in the pantheon of excellent exercises. When done properly, the plank targets and conditions…

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Ice and Heat


Do you have a plan in place for when pain strikes? Even the healthiest of athletes is prone to a flare of back pain that can sideline them for an indefinite amount of time. Many people are familiar with the “crick-in-the-neck” that results from a night spent sleeping awkwardly on the pillow; this kind of…

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Breathing Better

fresh air

Have you performed a check on your lung capacity lately? Studies are showing that Americans are chronically short in this regard, due to factors and circumstances of their own creation: pollution, poor diet, poor posture, too much sitting, not enough exercise. What’s worse, awareness is down across the board as well, meaning that with every…

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120 Seconds


What can you do with 2 minutes? When we stop and break up the day into miniature blocks of time, you can see that a lot can be accomplished in 120 seconds and this is an important tool when it comes to stress management. It is easy to stay swept away in the washing machine…

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Managing Stress


Whoever says they perform their best under pressure is likely deluding themselves a bit. Letting deadlines pile up, managing too many projects at once, and just generally trying to balance too much work will make you and your brain work harder, but certainly not smarter. Worse still, people who choose to adhere to lifestyles which involve high…

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