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Archive for February 2017

Releasing Stress from Your Desk

At the most basic level, the office is harming your back. Sitting for hours on end is not good for the spine, and chances are posture is a constant struggle that we often lose. Coupled with the fact that we are barely moving and our circulation is stagnant, it is no wonder that we treat…

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Making the Daily Commute Less Painful

Wasting precious minutes of your life away in traffic and making it to work without a minute to spare is a recipe for stress that sets your day off on the wrong foot. Furthermore, our car seats are hardly designed for good posture, which means we may be causing damage to our bodies as well.…

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Do you Remember how to Walk?

Proper walking posture is now the exception rather than the rule.  While, before, sitting was the posture most prone to slumping because of the activities we do while sitting (i.e. reading), cell phones have now made us a world of hunched over walkers. Take a look next time you are out: people barely looking where…

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Releasing Tight Neck Muscles

The occipital release: Devote 5 minutes to your neck every night to improve your experience with a tight neck The occipitals are a small collection of muscles at the base of your skull which often go unaccounted for when it comes to stretching. They become overly tight because of chronic forward head posture, sitting too…

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The Enlightened Office Worker

The office is a destructive habitat for the human: it can have a debilitating effect on almost every part of the upper body including the crucial structure of your spine which will degrade over time by itself, let alone with the aid of a poor workplace set up and equally poor posture. What’s worse is…

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