Your First Visit

Patient Forms

When you first walk into our office, our receptionist will warmly greet you and ask that you complete our patient form located in the New Patient Center on this website. This form provides us with a history of your health and any other information on your current condition.


After filling out the patient forms, you will have a consultation with Dr. Stabile. During this consultation, one of the doctors will discuss your health, symptoms, concerns, and potential options for treatment. The purpose of the consultation is for Dr. Stabile to learn more about you, your condition, and your expectations in order to determine how chiropractic care can assist in helping you meet those goals.

X-Ray Studies

Specific conditions may require X-rays. X-Rays can assist in the development of the most beneficial treatment plan for your condition. In some cases, the X-rays alone can identify misalignments and degeneration that may be occurring. Please alert us first if you have any serious spinal conditions.

Emergency Care

Emergency care may be provided after your examination and x-rays are completed if it is determined this would be the best method of dealing with your condition, otherwise at the completion of the first visit you will be advised to return at a later date for your Report of Findings.  Your health is the most important asset you have.  The treatment necessary to return you to good health is important and every bit of information must be reviewed and a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan created to suit your individual needs.  This process is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your treatment.  It must not be rushed and it must result in the best possible outcome-YOUR RETURN TO GOOD HEALTH.

Your Second Visit

Report of Findings

Once all your first visit patient information has been collected and examinations finished, Dr. Stabile will review all the data and determine a Treatment Plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Dr. Stabile will provide you with a detailed report of all findings.. Any questions you have about how we can help you, how often you should visit, and expected cost of your treatment, will be answered. You will be notified if your condition requires treatment from any other providers and provided with the best treatment and wellness program we have to offer for your individual needs.


At this point of your 2nd  visit, you will be given the option of receiving your first chiropractic treatment. Spinal adjustments, soft tissues massage, and/or physical therapy may be included as part of this treatment session. Feel free to express any concerns you may have about the different styles of treatment at anytime. Chiropractic treatment should be an interactive experience.

Wellness Program

Before you leave, you will be asked if you would like to incorporate a wellness plan to assist you outside of your treatment. Ice and Heat application may be recommended if you have been experiencing pain prior to your first visit. Certain stretches may be recommended and certain activities or positions to avoid will be identified. If you would like, we can also assist you with creating healthy habits and routines in your lifestyle to assist you with maintaining good spinal alignment, exercise, diet, and to help you maintain a positive mental state. Every person is unique, requiring a custom wellness plan specifically for you.