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Archive for April 2018

The Relationship Between Hips and Spinal Health

Few people realize how essential their hips are to their spinal health Whether you like it or not, your hips will have a significant part to play in the way your spine feels at the end of the day. Modern lifestyles and tight hips go hand in hand- when we sit all day, our hip…

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Helping Runners Prevent Lower Back Pain

There is no getting around it: running isn’t great for your lower back Depending on the running surface, how hard you strike the ground, and what kind of shoes you wear, each step represents a shock that ripples up through the joints of your lower body and eventually reaches your spine. This repetitive stress causes…

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Downward-Facing Dog is Daily Decompression

The downward-facing dog pose is a win-win for chronic back pain sufferers At our office in Hackensack, we talk a lot about spinal decompression. So much of modern life involves unhealthy compression of the spine- from sitting all day, to using mobile devices too frequently, to foregoing physical activity. Our spines are already under an…

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Letting Go of Muscular Tension Naturally

When your body feels like one big ball of tension… …you know that it’s time to act. Yet so many of us choose to ignore our muscles at the end of the day, opting instead to lounge around and let the tension fully set in. No one is blaming you- you work hard and you…

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The Undesirables: Foods to Avoid with Back Pain

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot… Despite being of primary importance in the struggle for spinal health (along with exercise), we often forego the power of nutrition by reaching for nutritionally-deficient foods. We are here to tell you that immediate gratification and sensation of comfort that comes with eating bad foods is more than offset…

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Healthy Outside Starts From the Inside

Prioritizing your back pain through nutrition  Between exercise and nutrition, you have two essential tools for avoiding and managing back pain. Nutrition is perhaps the more potent of the two because it deals with the ingredients that you provide your body- the building blocks of success. Nothing in the human body works without the right…

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