The Right Pillow


As far as inanimate objects that make a susbstantial difference in our life go, pillows are on the more crucial end of the spectrum.  A properly fitting pillow with the right support can be the make or break factor in the quality of your sleep life. Poor sleep quality is known to increase the risk…

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Water and Weight Management


Weight managment is an essential component of any real health plan. As it relates to chiropractic, maintaining a healthy weight helps reduce the burden on the joints and bones that form up your skeleton, making you less prone to injuries of any kind, especially those that accumulate due to the wear and tear of age.…

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Arthritis and Chiropractic


Arthritis prevalence is on the rise in America: according to the CDC, as many as 78 million people over the age of 18 will have some form of doctor-diagnosed arthritis by the year 2040. While primarily thought of as a disease of the elderly, the reality is that 2/3 of people living with arthritis are…

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Simple Foods to Try


Not all foods are created equal: this much was demonstrated by a nutritional analysis of the chia seed in my previous blog. So, on that topic, I would like to mention a few other foods that are cheap (relative to their health impact) and how you can start incorporating them into your diet. Start with…

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Benefits of Chia

chia baby

When it comes to nutrition, size does matter. Take chia seeds, for example: a tiny seed that is chalk full of micronutrients. With very few calories, a serving of chia seeds can make a huge impact on your wellness by delivering a truckload of nutrients with every bite. For the chiropractor, chia is great because…

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School Year Health


Starting school with a firm foot forward is what every chid deserves. At Associates in Chiropractic, we believe that a child’s spinal health is integral to their mental and physical performance. Modern schools, however, are not set up to support proper spinal health: desks and chairs are rarely supportive or conducive to good posture; the…

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Taking a Load Off


An example of carrying a backpack the wrong way.  The school year is right around the corner, signalling the end of summer and a return to routine for many parents in New Jersey. School generally requires a backpack, filled with heavy books, calculators, computers and other paraphernalia, so it is worth taking a second to…

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