Scar Tissue


Has scar tissue got you stiff and sore? If so, then you are like millions of other Americans who are suffering from their own body’s natural healing response. Just like inflammation, scar tissue automatically happens as a response to injury. Think of the last time you cut yourself and the process that is set in…

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Committing to a Long Life


Committing to an exercise plan is a tremendous boon for your overall well-being. The key here is the word commitment: you don’t have to be an intensely devoted gym rat, but you do need to be dedicated to whatever fitness routine you pick because the key is repetition. As we get older, our bodies stiffen and our…

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Prenatal Chiropractic


When it comes to life-changing, life-defining moments, few compare with the event of childbirth. It makes sense, therefore, to give yourself the strongest possible chance at a healthy, successful childbirth and this begins early in the pregnancy process. As early as the first trimester, physical and hormonal changes conspire to have you feeling out of…

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Massage during Pregnancy


Massage is an effective modality for responding to the routine pains and tension of pregnancy. At Associates in Chiropractic, we utilize the power of regular massage therapy to treat stress and its varying manifestations that come with the hormonal upheaval that is created in a woman’s body during pregnancy. In this manner, we also create…

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The Importance of Eating Breakfast


Breakfast is becoming inextricably linked to good health: more studies than ever are showing that people who eat a regular, balanced breakfast will experience a healthier weight, state of mind and live longer than their counterparts who forego the meal altogether. Serious health concerns such as depression and diabetes, heart disease and memory deterioration are…

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Resistance Stretching


For the modern human who is concerned with efficiency, resistance stretching is a great way to optimize your health plan. Resistance stretching is by no means a new modality, but it has taken on more prestige because of its use by Olympic athletes. Stretching has always been a primary means of preserving flexibility and, thus,…

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The Days of Bed-rest are Over


For all but the most serious spinal injuries, bed-rest is an outdated prescription. Many people with conditions that contribute to back and joint pain and stiffness experience a marked improvement when they get up and pursue some form of light aerobic exercise. The problem with remaining sedentary is that it weakens the body so much:…

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