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Archive for March 2019

Emerging from Your Winter Slump With Spring Exercise

Why are we so unhealthy during winter? Winter is often the most unhealthy point of the year. Poor weather keeps us from our usual levels of activity and seasonal depression only adds to the burden. We sit more, bing watch more and, by and large, we eat more. But once spring swings around, it’s time…

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Recovering Rapidly: How To Recuperate Fatigued Muscles Quickly

Sore muscles should indicate a successful workout But pay attention to your speed of recovery. Muscle building relies on a simple formula in which you create tiny micro-tears in the muscle by exposing them to strain and then, during a period of rest, the muscles (using the power of protein) repair themselves to a stronger…

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Stiffness is Not Wellness: How to Move More Freely

What does it mean to feel stiff and tight? It means something different to each and every person. However, everyone can agree that feeling stiff is not feeling well. Chiropractic is about determining the root of the problem and creating an action plan to solve it. A great place to look when chronic stiffness is…

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