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Archive for April 2017

Do you Have Back Pain when Bending Over?

Back pain when bending over is called flexion-based intolerance Flexion is the position when you bend forward, but more appropriately, it is also the position of your spine when you are hunched over in a chair which is how more of us are spending our days. Your spine is given an allotment of times it…

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Back Spasms in Clifton

Back spasms be gone The sudden and truly spasmodic tightening of a muscle in the back and you know you’ve done it- the dreaded back spasm. Often brought on by excessive strain or repetitive trauma that wears the back down over time, back spasms are noone’s friend. When a spinal condition or injury creates compression…

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Life is Better on Protein

Protein is your essential building block We use it first for energy, and then for maintenance, repair and growth of muscle; for forming important chemicals; protein is essential for the integrity of your muscles, bones and blood. So how much do you need per day? Say you didn’t work out at all, so there is…

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Losing Weight in the Morning Time

Losing weight begins when the alarm clock goes How you ask? Morning time is full of potential, but most of us don’t take advantage of it’s capacity to encourage weight loss. Interestingly, it actually starts before you wake; a healthy and regular sleep cycle is an important way to keep stress down and weight off. Once you…

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Lifting: Not as Easy as it Looks

Lift right to keep the body injury free The lift is a motion which tends to increase the weight of the upper body and therefore place a great strain on the muscles and structures in the lower back. This means that it is one of the motions where we are most prone to injuries which…

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The Mechanics of Your Butt Muscles

Butt muscles don’t come in for enough attention when it comes to back pain But they can be every bit as crucial of a factor as the actual muscles in the back when it comes to causing you a pain in the lower back. The nerves in the lower back reach down into the lower…

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