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Dr. Lori Ann G. Palumbo D.C. & Dr. Albert Stabile Jr. D.C.


Tips for Re-Framing Negative Beliefs

A big part of achieving our goals and keeping a positive mindset is handling invasive and negative thought patterns that no longer serve us. Read on for a few ways to turn negative thoughts into more positive ways of thinking. Turns Weaknesses into Strengths We might think we’re less-than-adequate at a certain activity, task, or…

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Chiropractic for Tempromandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

TMJ has to do with a group of Temporomandibular joint disorders which cause the connecting points of the jaw and skull to irritate and swell, causing pain and discomfort. Symptoms of TMJ can vary from trouble chewing to full-blown headaches and neck pain. In some cases patients can even become dizzy and lose their footing.…

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Is Chiropractic Care Helpful During Pregnancy?

The short answer to “Is Chiropractic Care Helpful During Pregnancy” is a resounding “YES.” There are actually a host of benefits our pregnant patients experience when they undergo chiropractic adjustments regularly at Dr. Lori Ann G. Palumbo D.C. & Dr. Albert Stabile Jr. D.C. Below we go over just a few. Chiropractic Helps Treat Back…

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Common Sports Where Athletes Suffer Knee Injuries

There are certain sports in particular that set up our athletes for knee injuries, which we’ll go over below so you can keep this information in mind if you engage in these sports and activities. Below Dr. Lori Ann G. Palumbo D.C. & Dr. Albert Stabile Jr. D.C. go over a few sports in which…

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Tips to Help Save Your Back

Taking care of your back, just like taking care of anything else in this crazy life, requires dedication and routine maintenance. Did you know that much of your overall health, wellness, and functionality depends on your back and spine? It’s a big reason why a back injury or back pain can leave us sidelined and…

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Most Common Settings for Injury

Did you know that many injuries have certain setting in common. Let’s just face it, some places we visit or frequent are more risky for some of us to experience injury. Below are a few places that many of our patients experience an injury that you might want to keep in mind. Make sure to…

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Chiropractic Care: It’s Great for Basketball Players!

Dr. Lori Ann G. Palumbo D.C. & Dr. Albert Stabile Jr. D.C. have many patients who engage in athletics who benefit from our innovative chiropractic treatments. Basketball players, in particular, can benefit from the many health benefits commonly associated with chiropactic care. Below we go over a few ways that chiropractic care benefits basketball specifically.…

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