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Archive for July 2018

Stress Begets Pain; Pain Begets Stress: How To Break This Cycle

Stress could be the source of your chronic pain Often chronic pain emerges in the absence of any definable condition. While most people are familiar with chronic pain stemming from an acute injury, a degenerative condition or something like an autoimmune disorder, pain can exist as a standalone condition all to itself. When people come…

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Chiropractic is Frontline Senior Care

A common misconception: chiropractic is too aggressive for older bodies The fact is, every single person we see in our office gets their own, completely unique, treatment plan based on factors like age, physical condition, spinal condition and mobility. That’s why we have great levels of success treating patients at all ages of life, from…

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How to Stay Active During Pregnancy

Staying active during pregnancy is important It helps to ease the discomfort associated with a changing body, while reducing mental anxiety. Keeping yourself moving and gently exercising is the best way to keep yourself in a sound, balanced state both physically and emotionally, as you approach what will be a defining moment in your life.…

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Investing In Your Spine to Prevent Back Pain

What are your unhealthiest habits? Humans are great procrastinators; we go out of our way to put off today what will come back to hurt us tomorrow. Case in point: your spinal health. I’m sure you are aware, somewhere in your head, of your poor spinal habits. Maybe it is lazy posture, maybe it is…

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Providing Massage Therapy Alongside Spinal Adjustment

Massage therapy increases the benefit of spinal adjustment When it comes to helping people improve their wellbeing, we believe the best way is to stay natural. That is why we work with primary care providers to provide you with another, all-natural dimension to your healthcare. We know that movement gives life- so, to stay moving…

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