Decompressing from Chronic Back Pain

Living with your pain, rather than in spite of it When considering your options for treating chronic back pain, non-surgical decompression therapy should be considered as a conservative care option. This treatment focuses on supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms in an attempt to overcome injury, whether it be acute or chronic. By lending the…

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The Importance of Body Weight in Spinal Health

When it comes to losing weight, there is a lot of misinformation. It’s important to know what to listen to- what is real, sound advice and what is just a fad. Everyone knows that they should maintain a healthy weight: it helps with cardiovascular health, makes diabetes less likely, lowers blood pressure and generally helps…

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Troubling Trends: Youth Back Pain on the Rise


We wouldn’t stop short of calling it a public health crisis The fact that the demographic for back pain is shifting towards younger populations should cause great concern. Back pain and the associated problems are among the top contributors to disability in our society. If we see these problems affecting people at younger ages, then…

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