Becoming Anti-Inflammatory

anti inflammatory

Leading a truly anti-inflammatory lifestyle is easier said than done: it requires a lifestyle that can be hard to commit to. But anyone who knows of the debilitating nature of chronic inflammation and how it wraps its tentacles around your life also knows that it is no way to live. Commiting to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle…

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Anterior Pelvic Tilt


Anterior Pelvic Tilt is a problem that overlaps with poor posture and its prevalence is increasing. It is easy to tell if you have APT, as there are certain visual cues to look for: With this positioning, hip flexors are usually shortened and stiff while hip extensors are lengthened, and there is usually an accompanying…

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The Breathing Muscle


The diaphragm has a legitimate claim to the title for most important “muscle” in the body. It is a sheet of muscle and tissue that separates the chest and lungs from the abdomen and powers the respiration process. So it is no joke when this muscle starts misfiring: whether because we don’t know the right…

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Pelvic Tilt

pelvic tilt

We all have our own unique mixture of circumstances that contribute to low back pain: too much sitting, too much poor posture, not enough exercise, genetic predisposition, age, injury, whatever the reason, most of us have felt at least a twinge of pain in our lower back at some point. For something so common, it…

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Stretching for Sciatica


Sciatica pain often comes in flares and it can make the prospect of getting out of bed in the morning actually awful. Anyone who has suffered from sciatica knows that it is no way to start your day; however, if sciatica is plaguing you, there are things you can do immediately to ease the symptoms…

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Treating Sciatica


Chiropractic seems to be a tailor-made treatment for sciatica, the condition characterized by pain and stiffness in the lower back, tingling and numbness in the lower extremities, and shooting pains that make it difficult to stand up. The sciatic nerve is the longest in the human body, the length of a small finger, and it…

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Given the right subject, that inspires a blend of enthusiasm and passion, humans can be unstoppable. Part of what we would like to do at Associates in Chiropractic is unlock this passion and enthusiasm for diet and exercise that we think is innate within everyone. However, what about the opposite end of the spectrum, when…

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