Water and Weight Management

Weight managment is an essential component of any real health plan. As it relates to chiropractic, maintaining a healthy weight helps reduce the burden on the joints and bones that form up your skeleton, making you less prone to injuries of any kind, especially those that accumulate due to the wear and tear of age. To look at drinking water as a “tool,” seems funny but this is the sort of utility you must apply to a glass of water when trying to lose or maintain weight. The writing is on the wall: drinking water can help you shed excess poundage and keep it off. Here’s how:

Drinking water makes you feel full, meaning you will likely eat less. Reducing your appetite means eating less.

Drinking water helps your body burn calories. Resting energy expenditure (REE) refers to the amount of calories you burn without activity. Measured by the amount of calories you burn at rest, drinking water boosts REE significantly in the period after intake.  

Water is calorie-free: putting something as nourishing as water into your body, without all the empty calories is a great way to control weight fluctuation. Next time you get the itch for a soda, try a glass of water.

Water for weight management is a no-brainer: it is a microcosmic example of how simple changes can make huge impacts on any health plan you choose.

Dr. Albert Stabile, D.C.

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