Tension headaches and chiropractic

There is no secret: demanding jobs and lifestyles take their toll on the body and mind. Though some people may be more resistant than others, tension builds up over time in anyone leading a high-pressure life. A common sign of stress is the tension headache. Muscles in the neck, back and shoulders react to stress by going into spasm, which has been shown to cause tension headaches. Tension headaches are characterized by a dull ache and can be felt all over the head.

The causes can be psychological: muscles contract as a natural reaction to stress. They can also be physical: repetitive action or incessant inaction can be to blame. Differentiating between psychological and physical stress can help to pinpoint the origin of your stress headaches. By applying gentle pressure on areas associated with stress and tension build up, we can help determine the origin of your headaches.

At Associates in Chiropractic in Hackensack, we take pride in the detection and treatment of tension headaches derived from stress. Our goal is to give you a clear picture of your stress and a plan to fight back. We offer chiropractic adjustment and massage therapy techniques that are effective at treating the ill effects of stress build up. Correcting your posture and instituting an exercise and stretching plan can help to alleviate tension and relieve pressure on the supportive tissues in your back. We also offer counseling and lifestyle recommendations that can help you relax and prevent these build ups from happening. If stress headaches have become a regular part of your life, I want to help you. Call our office in Hackensack at (201) 342-6111 to schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Albert Stabile Jr., D.C., C.C.P.C.P., F.I.C.C.

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