Being Proactive About Neck Pain

Neck pain is the preeminent byproduct of office work 

What could be more characteristic than commuting home with a sore, stiff neck. Office lifestyles breed this kind of pain: to begin with, sitting is the position that puts the most pressure on the spine, up to 50% more than standing. And that is with good posture! We are willing to bet that many of those hours spent sitting are in less than perfect posture. You know the kind: shoulders pointed inwards, upper back rounded, head stuck forward. While we sit, we are often working to a deadline which increases mental stress and contributes to muscular tension that pulls our back out of alignment. In this scenario, you are lucky to only escape with a bit of neck stiffness. None the less, that dull pain can morph into something more problematic if you aren’t proactive about treating it. 


Self care for neck pain

  • Ice it down: in the immediate period after injury, you can use ice to restrict blood flow, reduce swelling and inflammation which is important for facilitating the healing process.
  • Heat it up: After an initial period of ice, use heat to stimulate blood flow that brings healing nutrients. If your main complaint is stiffness, heat is great for loosening muscles and relieving pain. 
  • Stretch your neck gently: ideally, you would do this throughout the day to prevent the pain from happening in the first place. However, gentle stretching is great for improving circulation and range of motion that supports healing. 
  • Go for a walk: just to get your circulation flowing. Many of us choose to sit immediately on the couch when we get home, after we have already been sitting all day. Before you do that, try to get out for a brisk walk to relieve the tension. 

Increasing comfort at the workplace begins with chiropractic modalities

At Associates in Chiropractic, we know that the path to productivity begins with comfort. After all comfort makes you happy, and a happy worker is a productive one. If neck pain is a consistent complaint, it’s time to take action. Our natural modalities help restore alignment throughout the spine and increase circulation that helps injurious regions rebuild and repair. Let’s get rid of neck pain and increase bodily comfort so that you can be more productive while protecting your body from the risks of your job at the same time. 

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