Massage during Pregnancy


Massage is an effective modality for responding to the routine pains and tension of pregnancy. At Associates in Chiropractic, we utilize the power of regular massage therapy to treat stress and its varying manifestations that come with the hormonal upheaval that is created in a woman’s body during pregnancy. In this manner, we also create a more nurturing environment for the developing life inside and make the process of childbirth easier for all parties. 

During pregnancy, the extra weight moves your center of gravity forward. Consequently, your back muscles are called upon to work harder in order to maintain balance, creating excessive strain that could lead to pain. Furthermore, your pelvis tilts forward and the lumbar curve is accentuated; the spinal muscles which were once responsible for stabilization and support can no longer do their job. What you are left with is a precarious set up that often results in pain from excessive stress, especially to the tissues that support the lower back. 

Massage is great at responding to these stressors: it counters the hormonal and physical changes by improving circulation to bring both oxygen and necessary nutrients to all cells in the body, particularly those in embattled regions. Massage also increase lymph circulation, to help clean out toxins and interestitial fluid from the tissues which causes edema or swelling, when allowed to accumulate. Lastly, massage helps relax tense muscles and correct muscular imbalance that is part and parcel with pregnancy. This allows you to feel better physically, get more sleep and feel better mentally as well. 

Unlock the power of true relaxation for your pregnancy with a massage at our office in Hackensack. 
Dr. Albert Stabile, D.C.

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