Does your Back Hurt During Exercise?

Back pain during exercise is common

But that doesn’t mean you cant do anything about it. If you are experiencing consistent back pain while exercising, take a second to evaluate your workout style. Most back injuries result or evolve from one of these factors: 

  • Poor body mechanics
  • Poor posture
  • Overtraining

An injury to the back is inconvenient because every move you make, whether it be in the gym, on the track or the playing field will be influenced by, or have an influence on, your back. Therefore, it behooves you to resolve back pain before it gets worse so that you can keep on track with your exercise plan


Resolving muscle strain with the help of chiropractic

Muscle strain is a frequent cause of pain, especially in the lower and upper regions of the back. An overestimation of your strength followed by a bad lift in the weight room; an accentuated twist during golf; these factors related to improper body mechanics often cause strain to the soft tissues in the back. When these supportive tissues suffer injury, the integrity and stability of your back is often compromised; inflammation, muscle spasms and chronic back pain are frequent results. And while your body is adept at healing itself given enough rest and attention to rehabilitation, it can always use a helping hand. This is where chiropractic steps in.

Chiropractic for back pain during exercise

Chiropractic is important for preventing injury in the first place. A properly aligned spine means a more balanced body, and one that distributes forces evenly across all muscles. With a chiropractic health care plan in place, you are less likely to strain your muscles. However, if you are experiecing chronic back pain while exercising, we can help you recover by providing hands on manipulation of the injurious region that improves circulation, lowers inflammation and improves healing time. 


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