Define Your Center of Balance and Move More Effectively

Finding and using your center of gravity

Your center of gravity is important because it is your balance point; a hypothetical location where the body’s mass is concentrated. This point is important because it essentially defines your balance and stability as a human- for example, having a center of gravity too high would make you top heavy and prone to falling over. Therefore, a strong center of gravity is important for preventing injury. 


Factors that influence a strong center of gravity include: 

  • Knowing where it is: an ideal CoG is just below the navel and halfway between your abdomen and back. 
  • Evaluating your mass distribution: For example, if you accumulate too much mass in the upper body and not enough in the lower, you become top heavy.
  • Finding balance: doing balance exercises challenges the small stabilizing muscles to keep you in balance while helping you get a sense for your particular balance. 
  • Strengthening the core stabilizers: these are the muscles that matter most for initiating and stabilizing movements in the body.

How we help you stay stable and strengthen your center of gravity

The first way we help is by locating and showing you your center of gravity. An awareness of where it is is crucial. From here we focus on helping you distribute mass evenly and develop the muscles that matter for maintaining a strong center of gravity. If you want to improve your balance, strengthen your stability and prevent injury today, give our office in Clifton a call to schedule an appointment today. 


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