Committing to a Long Life

Committing to an exercise plan is a tremendous boon for your overall well-being. The key here is the word commitment: you don’t have to be an intensely devoted gym rat, but you do need to be dedicated to whatever fitness routine you pick because the key is repetition. As we get older, our bodies stiffen and our muscles weaken due to lack of activity and more time spent sitting and working. Often it becomes difficult to start working out because we feel lost and overwhelmed. This is where we can help by filling the role of accountability partner. We can help you get up and get motivated for the sake of your health and the longevity of your body. 

We begin by addressing your pain and physical limitation: what exactly is stopping you from taking that first step? We want to help you leave your inhibitions behind and start making investments in your long-term health. 

The next step is to create a personalized strategy: what kind of exercise are you comfortable with? What makes you happy? Everyone is different, and if you are excited about your activity, you are more likely to stay persistent. Strengthening your core and developing as a stabilizer to share the burden of the upper body’s weight with the lumbar region should be a priority. 

Essentially, we want to start by creating a baseline: if we can get you back to performing basic calisthenics free of pain, then the sky is now your limit. Everything is easier when the burden is shared, so let’s make this a collaboration. It’s never too early to start taking your health more seriously.

Dr. Albert Stabile, D.C.

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