Cervicogenic Headaches

At Associates in Chiropractic, we are experts in treating headaches derived from musculoskeletal causes. This includes cervicogenic headaches, which are caused by abnormalities of the neck joints and misalignment of the cervical vertebrae. People will live for years with what they consider “normal headaches,” never understanding that their head pain is related to their neck. Cervicogenic headaches are common in people who have experienced trauma to the back or neck during their lifetime.

How can pain from the neck manifest itself in the brain? Nerves in the neck travel up and merge with nerves in the brain and thus the pain that originates in the neck is indistinguishable from the pain you feel in your head: the neck nerves are referring the pain to your head. Often the pain is excruciating and felt most sharply towards the back of the head, and can spread around the head like a vice.

Our primary treatment for cervicogenic headaches is to return the cervical vertebrae to proper alignment, relieving pressure on any nerves that may be referring pain to the head. If there are other factors you think may be contributing to the headaches, tell us so that we can examine and address them. Massaging the soft tissues can restore blood flow and speed the healing process of damaged areas. If you are suffering from headaches of any kind, come see how we can help at our office in Hackensack where we can be reached at (201) 342-6111.

Dr. Albert Stabile Jr., D.C., C.C.P.C.P., F.I.C.C.

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