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Becoming Anti-Inflammatory

Leading a truly anti-inflammatory lifestyle is easier said than done: it requires a lifestyle that can be hard to commit to. But anyone who knows of the debilitating nature of chronic inflammation and how it wraps its tentacles around your life also knows that it is no way to live. Commiting to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle means that you will reap the following benefits: 

  • Lowering your risk for chronic conditions including cancer and heart diseases¬†
  • Looking and feeling younger
  • Live longer¬†

We know that persistent low-grade inflammation destabilizes the systems of the body and leaves you vulnerable to disease and aging, but for many people, the situation feels hopeless. And the longer it is allwoed to linger, the more perilous the situation becomes. At Associates in Chiropractic, we urge you to linger no longer and to start off with the basics of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, that include getting good sleep, drinking more water and eating less sweets and processed foods, and finding a way to relax.

If you are in too much pain to sleep or even attempt a walk, or cannot relax from the pain signals that wrack your nervous system, it may be time to give the chiropractor a call. With chiropractic adjustment and massage therapy, we regulate the nervous system and influence true relaxation, of the kind that will reduce the stress hormone cortisol and thereby directly reduce inflammation. Once we get you to a less painful vantage point, you can start on the road toward an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, with us as your guide and greatest support. Give our office in Hackensack a call to schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Albert Stabile, D.C. 

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