Staying Fit and Flexible

Can you remember how it felt to move as a child? the freedom of knowing that you could trust yourself in any movement with the safety net of knowing that most injuries could be swiftly and fully healed. As we age, the consequences of injury become more severe, which makes prevention all the more important. One of the most powerful ways to keep yourself injury-free is by maintaining your range of motion. It helps to define flexibility and range of motion: flexibility refers to a joint’s ability to perform a standard range of motions and thus, a joint with a full range of motion also enjoys good flexibility. A body full of flexible joints and pliable muscles allows you:

  • to feel confident in your daily movements and exercise
  • to uphold better posture
  • to lengthen your muscles and connective tissue
  • to develop a further layer of injury resistance
  • to perform better physically.

The unhappy reality is that flexibility declines with age and facing this reality means we need to take more proactive measures to keep our bodies fit and flexible. At our office, we want to help you achieve a more flexible you. We want you to be able to perform the motions of your daily life without pain and to this end, we focus on rehabilitating injuries that may be holding you back. An important piece of any flexible human is the balance of their spine and we help you maintain this through the chiropractic adjustment. Once the injury’s grip on your life is gone, we can construct a plan for wellness that includes strong and flexible joints and muscles.