Gardening season is in full swing, to the chagrin of spines everywhere. For many people, gardening signals a change from a winter of hermit-like indoor dwelling lifestyle to a full bore garden activist in the spring and summer. While you may be mentally chomping at the bit to get at the garden, our bodies may not be prepared for the quick burst of activity. What are the motions involved in gardening? Bending, twisting, pulling, kneeling; all of these are known stressors and strainers of the structures and muscles of our body. Observing these tenets of gardening should keep your body limber so you can enjoy your bountiful harvest free of pain. 

  • It is hot outside so make sure you take rests and hyrdrate. Many people are chronically dehydrated to begin with, so make sure if you are out there sweating in the garden, intake plenty of water. 
  • Begin with stretching. No, seriously! Even the lightest of warm up stretching will keep you innoculated against the injuries that frequently result from twisting and bending. 
  • Kneel >bend. It is worth the extra effort every time. Bending strains ligaments and muscles while kneeling allows you to perform the same task without the overstretching. 
  • Keep the task at hand in front of you at all times. This helps you avoid the twisting that can strain muscles unnecessarily. 

Of course, we want you to enjoy gardening first and foremost! At Associates in Chiropractic, we support any activity that gets people outside enjoying the season. If your back is aching no matter how much good you do for it, there may be an underlying spinal condition standing in your way of enjoying life fully. If this is the case, give our office a call and see how we can help you return to full health today.

Dr. Albert Stabile, D.C.

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