120 Seconds

What can you do with 2 minutes? When we stop and break up the day into miniature blocks of time, you can see that a lot can be accomplished in 120 seconds and this is an important tool when it comes to stress management. It is easy to stay swept away in the washing machine of work, commute, relax, eat, repeat, but if you can remove yourself from this cycle for a few seconds, you will come back with a refreshed perspective and will likely be more productive than before. Some suggestions for your next micro-break:

Chew something crunchy, preferably an apple and not chips. The mastication releases tension from your face and jaw and the rhythm of sound that chewing creates helps to distract and relax you. 

Take a brisk walk around the office, house or, even better, outside. This gets blood flowing to nourish all of your cells. 

Listen to your favorite song and dance a little jig.

Enjoy 2 minutes of complete silence and deep breathing.

Drink a glass of water to nourish your cells and feel refreshed. 

Clean your desk. 

It is amazing how you can reset in 2 minutes. At Associates in Chiropractic, we believe that profound health changes begins with the smallest of details. We can help you address physical roadblocks that are holding you back and causing you pain, and find ways to relax in the midst of your busy life. Next time the thought strikes you, take a break for 2 measly minutes and see how it makes you feel! 

Dr. Albert Stabile, D.C. 

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