Resistance Stretching

For the modern human who is concerned with efficiency, resistance stretching is a great way to optimize your health plan. Resistance stretching is by no means a new modality, but it has taken on more prestige because of its use by Olympic athletes. Stretching has always been a primary means of preserving flexibility and, thus, range of motion, but rarely is it also used to build and preserve strength. 

Resistance stretching is an optimal use of your time; you can even do these stretches while watching Netflix. Stretches include: 

  • Resisted neck twists
  • Resisted hip flexion
  • Partner-resisted upper back and hamstring stretches 
  • Core development stretching 

The benefits to be reaped from resistance stretching include: 

  • Better joint mechanics, reduced joint stress and pain
  • Better core stability
  • Encourages balance of spine and body
  • Increases muscle power production
  • Improves flexibility and, thereby, preserves range of motion
  • Contributes to longevity of the body

Resistance stretching and the idea that a muscle can be simultaneously shortened and lengthened is counter-intuitive to our normal thoughts regarding working out. Admittedly, it is not for everyone and no changes in a health plan should be undertaken without consulting a health professional. However, the minute-to-value ratio of resistance stretching makes it a viable option for people who need to work more movement into their daily life. Give our office a call and schedule an appointment where  we can show you simple resistance stretches that you can employ whenever you like. The importance of stretching and exercise is not so much about intensity as it is about commitment; training yourself to appreciate the minutes you give to working out is another way we help you preserve your well-being. 

Dr. Albert Stabile, D.C. 

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