Herniated discs

A herniated disc is a serious sounding injury: indeed, the pain caused by a herniated disc leads many people to seek out surgery as an option for correcting the problem. Most commonly, however, the disc will naturally heal itself in a matter of weeks to months. For some lucky people, they may not experience even a twinge of pain. As with all biomechanical problems that we treat, the injury and pain is a matter of personal experience. At Associates in Chiropractic, we offer therapy when the individual decides that the pain is too much to bear without some form of intervention. We offer non-invasive, hands on modalities that treat the symptoms of a herniated disc, help to manage pain and improve time of recovery.

Between each vertebra of the human spine is a disc composed of two primary layers. The annulus fibrosus is the outer layer, composed of strong collagen fibers. Within the annulus fibrosus is the nucleus pulposus, a gel-like core. Together, they act as shock absorber for the spine, allowing range of motion and enabling the vertebrae to withstand reasonable compression. As with most structures exposed to wear and tear, they can degrade over time. A herniated disc is diagnosed when an x-ray shows that the annulus fibrosus has cracked or been split, allowing the nucleus pulposus to bulge through. Pain is caused when this bulge pressurizes the associated spinal nerve.

Chiropractic treatment is not a cure-all for herniated discs. It does not fix the actual tear in the disc; rather, it supports the body’s endeavor to heal itself. We institute stretching which relieves pressure from the nerves and improves pain symptoms. By applying low-force adjustments to damaged joints, we effect an increased range of movement allowing you to mend quicker. Postural improvements and nutritional guidance can also help you recover more efficiently. For people considering surgery, improvements in pain symptoms and mobility through chiropractic are good indicators of success. If you have decided that enough is enough with herniated disc pain, call our office in Hackensack to schedule an appointment at (201) 342-6111.

Dr. Albert Stabile Jr., D.C., C.C.P.C.P., F.I.C.C.

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