Diet and Exercise for Herniated Discs

Changing your diet to accommodate for a herniated disc injury is one of the easiest ways you can influence your recovery; likewise, exercise is an important element of healing. Paying close attention to factors that are within your control can make the difference between a speedy recovery and a drawn out period of pain. At Associates in Chiropractic, we can show you how the right nutrients, combined with chiropractic treatment and simple exercise, can speed up your rehabilitation and make you stronger afterwards.

Herniated discs occur when cracks or tears form in the annulus fibrosus, (the outer layer of the disc). This layer is made up of collagen fibers: foods rich in vitamin C and sulfur, which help to form and support collagen production, are a good place to start. Tertiary nutrients that will help with pain management and inflammation are omega-3 fatty acids. Glucosamine sulfate helps with repair and production of cartilage. Look to add lean proteins such as fish and chicken, and a proper amount of fruit and vegetables into the diet.

When exercising, keep your spine in mind so that you can avoid aggravating the injury. Exercises to avoid include: twisting, weightlifting and leg presses. These are motions that put extra strain on the damaged disc, increasing pressure on the nerve. On the flip side, certain stretches will alleviate nerve pressure. Core-strengthening and aerobic exercise make your muscles work to help alleviate the burden on the discs. Call our office in Hackensack at (201) 342-6111 to get serious about healing your herniated disc.

Dr. Albert Stabile Jr., D.C., C.C.P.C.P., F.I.C.C.

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