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Investing In Your Spine to Prevent Back Pain

What are your unhealthiest habits?

Humans are great procrastinators; we go out of our way to put off today what will come back to hurt us tomorrow. Case in point: your spinal health. I’m sure you are aware, somewhere in your head, of your poor spinal habits. Maybe it is lazy posture, maybe it is lingering slightly over your target weight; whatever it is, NOW is the time to come to terms with your lifestyle and make the adjustments you need to save your future body a lot of pain. Customized care means taking a look at your lifestyle and wear you are selling your spine short. A central part of our treatment plan at Associates in Chiropractic is to counsel you on bad spinal health habits. 


Investing in your body

When it comes down to it, it’s the most important investment you can make. Taking care of your body in the here and now is going to pay massive dividends in old age, when your body needs all the support it can get. Here are some lifestyle factors which make actually increase your risk for back pain and spinal degeneration:

  • Overweight/obesity
  • Consistently poor posture
  • General lack of movement, lack of exercise
  • Poor lifting form
  • Ignoring your pain

Bullet point #5 is a huge no-no! It pains us to see people who have ignored their back pain until it literally takes over their entire life, affecting their job, their life at home and everything in betwen. As chiropractors, it is our job to make sure you never reach a point where you’ve done unreversible damage to your spine. We want to sit down with you and figure out exactly what lifestyle adjustments you need to make to prevent a future full of spinal pain. If you are interested in making a change, give our office in Hackensack a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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