Decompression Daily: Stretching for Back Pain

Decompression is a powerful modality for improving spinal health

There is a misconception that decompression can only be achieved through surgery or on a traction table. And while we put great store by the nonsurgical decompression that we practice at Associates in Chiropractic, we also believe in daily decompression through stretching. Yoga, for example, contains many poses that provide a gentle decompressive effect for your spine. But what is this decompressive effect we are going for?


Why does decompression feel so good?

It feels good because it essentially changes the way your spine interprets pressure. Stretches such as the cat’s pose, back arch and child’s pose, elongate the spine, opening up space between the vertebrae and alleviating pressure on embattled intervertebral discs. With pressure temporarily relieved, the discs are able to rehydrate and healing nutrients are allowed to flow into the region. For people with spinal joint-related back pain, decompression can be a godsend. 

Daily decompression can be further supported by nonsurgical decompression

If you like the way your back feels after resting in child’s pose, you may benefit from nonsurgical decompression we offer at Associates in Chiropractic. We utilize a motorized traction table to provide the same decompressive effect on a more efficient scale. If you are interested in finding out more about how decompression can improve your back pain symptoms, give our office in Hackensack a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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