In the Wake of An Injury: Preventing Excessive Scar Tissue Buildup

After an injury, it is important to control the buildup of scar tissue

Scar tissue is an unavoidable side effect of injury- it is a natural part of the healing process that is important for a healthy recovery. However, too much of any good thing can become bad and this is especially the case with scar tissue. 

Scar tissue is necessarily denser and thicker than normal tissue. When scar tissue is allowed to grow unchecked, it can adhere to healthy normal tissue and bind a region together creating tightness and tenderness. Furthermore, scar tissue can trap nerves, creating feelings of weakness and numbness that can be scary and unexpected.


What to do about scar tissue

There are ways you can control the buildup of scar tissue in the wake of an injury. 

The first thing to do is avoid stretching an injury in the immediate aftermath- stretching creates tension that contributes to scar tissue growth.

However, the second thing you should do is resume a normal level of activity as soon as possible. Range of motion is important for preventing scar tissue from adhering and creating tightness. 

What can your chiropractor do for scar tissue buildup in Hackensack? 

We utilize the Active Release Technique, an instrument-assisted adjustment that seeks to improve mobility of soft tissue, speeding up the healing response and preventing excessive scar tissue buildup. Furthermore, we utilize massage techniques to penetrate deep into the tissue and improve circulation in the region. 

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