Your First Visit with the Chiropractor

Your first visit with your local chiropractor might be a situation that is causing you some degree of anxiety because maybe you don’t know what to expect, and that’s okay!

That’s why Associates in Chiropractic Family Health and Wellness Center P.A. is here to provide you with education about what to expect from your first visit with your chiropractor in Teaneck, NJ.

Scheduling Your Consultation

You’ll have to make arrangements for your first visit, which you can do by contacting us directly. We’ll schedule an appointment that works best with your schedule.

Patient Forms

When you come into your office for the first time, as a way to get to know you, we’ll have you fill out new patient forms. This way we’ll learn more about your health and wellness history, not to mention learn about conditions that might affect you now.


We’ll also consult with you personally, getting a sense of where you’re at when it comes to your health, both physically and mentally. From there, we’ll custom tailor our solutions to meet your needs. We construct a personalized treatment protocol that works for you.

Contact Associates in Chiropractic Family Health and Wellness Center P.A. to schedule your first visit with us. You’ll be surprised by how many health benefits chiropractic treatment will bring to your life.

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