Tips to Help Save Your Back

Taking care of your back, just like taking care of anything else in this crazy life, requires dedication and routine maintenance.

Did you know that much of your overall health, wellness, and functionality depends on your back and spine? It’s a big reason why a back injury or back pain can leave us sidelined and out of work for days or even weeks in some cases.

Below are a few simple suggestions you can take to improve your back health.

Build Your Back

When engaging in exercise, make sure to work your back and your core. When you build your back and neck strength this will lay a better foundation for your flexibility and mobility.

Do Yoga

Stretching and incorporating yoga will help reduce back pain and muscle tension, not to mention reduce your chances of sustaining and injury.

Stay At Your Ideal Body Weight

When you’re hauling around extra weight this can increase overall wear and tear your body experiences doing your daily activities. Staying at your ideal body weight will help reduce back strain.

Visiting your local chiropractor is another great way to take care of your back. Contact Dr. Albert Stabile Jr. D.C. today to schedule your consultation.

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