Tips for a Healthy Veteran’s Day Weekend

Veteran’s Day doesn’t really have any sort of negative connotations when it comes to health hazards, like, say, fourth of July has, or maybe New Year’s Eve.

Still, the way we treat ourselves during times of celebrations and during holiday weekends still weighs heavy on our overall health. If you’re going to commit to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s worth keeping your health and wellness routine during times like Veteran’s Day Weekend.

Take a Hike!

Take a veteran out on a hike this weekend — they just may appreciate it! Going on a nature hike is a great way to get in touch with your more outdoorsy side. It’s also considered active recovery!

Eat Well

Eat clean whole foods even though at most get-togethers the fare will likely be hotdogs and hamburgers, which might not be the best for your nutrition. Instead, try to bring veggie dishes to balance out the protein. Staying away from junk food will ensure you have plenty of energy and ensure you don’t have a food hangover to start your workweek.

Parade Smart

Bring plenty of sunblock and try to opt for a shady spot at the Veteran’s Day parade, if your city or town is having one. Balance your time between sitting and standing to reduce wear and tear on your back, legs, and joints.

Contact Associates in Chiropractic Family Health and Wellness Center P.A. if you experience any lingering pain from your holiday weekend. We also work with a lot of veterans!

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