Sitting in Motion

Moving prevents backaching

You have heard the expression: you are what you eat. Here’s a chiropractor’s take on that phrase: you are how you move. Movement, how much of it, how you do it, and how purposefully you do it, makes a difference in your overall health. At Associates in Chiropractic, we know that lack of movement is directly linked to backache. In fact, the majority of complaints that keep people from work and checking in at the chiropractor are backaching problems that relate to too little movement. 

Stiffness and soreness are not normal!

In fact, they are signals to your brain that something is wrong. Most likely, that something is that you aren’t moving enough, or the right way. The problem is further complicated by poor posture, which is almost impossible to avoid if we don’t take the steps to keep ourselves moving on the job. While not completely physically impossible, it is at least extremely difficult, to maintain a semblance of good posture for 1 hour straight, let alone 4 or 8.

Sitting in motion is an excellent idea for people who must work daily in front of a computer screen. You have heard of, or maybe even seen, coworkers bouncing on fitness balls while working at the computer. The reason it is so good for you is because it keeps you moving, balancing and toning the muscles that contribute to core stability and health of the lower back. And while you shouldn’t sit on the ball for more than 30 consecutive minutes without a standing break, this is a far superior method than slumping in a computer chair. 

Motion is a key part of a chiropractic lifestyle; one that improves quality of life using the power inherent in your body and limits the necessity for pharmaceutical and surgical intervention at all points of life. If you are interested in this lifestyle, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today .


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