Doing Something About Sarcopenia Rather than Letting it Happen to You

Sarcopenia: an ugly word for an ugly condition

Sarcopenia is a condition that affects all of us, albeit to varying degrees. In most cases, you have the power to determine the extent of sarcopenia’s role in your life. So let’s start in your thirties, during which you will slowly start losing a percentage of your muscle mass each year. A moderately active person might not even notice it at first- it can be that insignificant. But if you are someone who rarely exercises, the muscle mass lost can be as high as 3-5% That’s nothing to scoff at when you consider that this percentage will likely rise in the decades to come, and rapidly accelerating between 65 and 75. Clearly the first step is staying active. But what if it isn’t as easy as all that?

 Sarcopenia is twice as scary to a chiropractor

We can’t afford to lose muscle mass when our spines are also weakening with age. Increasing weakness in the muscles supporting the spine sets the stage for trouble. Our embattled intervertebral discs are ready to give in to herniation; our vertebral bodies can easily fall out of alignment and put pressure on nearby spinal nerves. Without proactively restoring strength to the muscles that matter and maintaining alignment of the spine, we are setting the stage for a decrepit old age. 

How chiropractic helps people with sarcopenia in Hackensack

As chiropractor’s we are concerned with helping you maintain the integrity of your spine despite the onset of muscle loss. We ensure the alignment of your spine, restore balance and reduce tension in muscles throughout the body. Chiropractic modalities improve circulation and range of motion, allowing you to focus on getting the exercise you need to prevent muscle loss from taking ahold of your life. If you are interested in using our services to mitigate the severity of sarcopenia in your life, give our office in Hackensack a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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