Sarcopenia: Age-Related Muscle Loss

At some point in our 30s…

We start losing muscle mass at a slow, but steady pace. Most of us, especially the physically active among us, will not (or barely) notice this occurence; however, it can have more profound impacts for the less-fit and overweight. But simply being aware of sarcopenia is often one of the first touches with reality we have about getting old- sarcopenia causes muscle loss of between 3 and 5 percent each decade after 30. So what can we do about it? Taking a proactive approach to strengthening is the only scientifically-proven way to slow sarcopenia. 


Fighting back against sarcopenia

The first and most obvious way to start the fight is to strengthen, and the formula for strengthening is the same as its always been: 

  • Resistance training uses weights, water or your body’s own weight to create resistance that builds muscle.
  • Consume more protein, focusing on lean protein foods. 
  • Minimize the risk factors that increase sarcopenia, including drinking, smoking and poor diet. 

Inflammation is a further consideration- there are many studies that link inflammation with sarcopenia. If we can focus on strengthening 2-3 times a week, while limiting the risk factors that decrease the efficacy of our strengthening routine, we will go a long way toward slowing sarcopenia. 

Where does chiropractic fit in to the fight against sarcopenia?

Chiropractic makes you more comfortable, more likely to exercise and increases the amount of benefit you get from your exercise. By restoring spinal alignment, improving range of motion in the spinal joints and boosting the function of the nervous system, you will get more out of the strengthening that you take on. We can also help you develop an individualized plan for strengthening that takes into account your level of physical fitness and spinal condition- if you are interested in getting started, give our office in Hackensack a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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