Realizing Peak Performance: Adding Chiropractic Into the Athlete’s Toolbox

Are you looking to gain an edge on the competition?

Look no further than chiropractic. Facilitating smooth communication between brain and body means that all of your biomechanical systems will work more effectively, including the respiratory, muscular and cardiovascular systems. And Exercising with a properly aligned spine is the best way to ensure you are leaving it all out there. Let’s take a look at a few more ways that chiropractic makes you a more effective athlete.


Your spine affects every aspect of athletic performance

  • Build muscle faster: ensure that your muscles are contracting and releasing smoothly. The brain controls muscle building by telling a certain muscle to contract: the easier it is for your brain to do this, the faster you will grow.
  • Better lung capacity: subluxations in the cervical region can impinge on nerves that provide power to the diaphragm, limiting the potential of your respiratory system. Every last cell in your body benefits from the power of more oxygen.
  • Range of motion: a key to preventing injury. Being limber is a great compliment to strength. The more bending your body can take without breaking, the further you can push yourself. There is a fine line, however, and we also help athletes define their own margins.
  • Heal faster: If injury does beset you, the quickest way to get back on your feet is to treat the affected area with hands-on technique. For all but the most serious, persistent injuries, we urge you to leave the drugs and surgery aside.

Change the way you workout today

Chiropractic adds an extra layer of fortification to your body as it grows stronger, faster, and more refined. But perhaps the more profound outcome of adding chiropractic into your athletic performance is the extra knowledge and peace of mind. You will know your body better and you will know what to look out for to avoid injury. Call our office in Clifton to start maximizing your potential today. 

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