Preventing Dystocia

As pregnancy moves toward the penultimate phase, one of the most significant advantages we can proffer to the mother is a properly aligned pelvis and sacrum.

This structural consideration is crucial for allowing the baby plenty of room as it grows larger. It is also a great tool in the prevention of dystocia, or difficult birth, which is usually caused by an improperly positioned fetus or an insufficiently sized maternal pelvis. At Associates in Chiropractic, we would see every mother approach labor with the confidence that her body is in conducive birthing shape.

During pregnancy, the uterus exists in a state of balance within the abdomen, supported by ligaments that become pulled tight as pregnancy progresses. As the stomach grows larger and larger, the ligaments are pulled tighter, causing pain to the mother and restricting the potential maneuverability of the baby. If the baby is in breech, feet-first position, its chances of correcting into a head first position are greatly reduced by this intrauterine restraint.

At our office in Hackensack, we use the Webster Technique to reduce stress on these ligaments, reducing pain to the mother and increasing the space available to the baby to move into a head-first position. This involves gentle manual adjustments that realign the pelvis and relieve tension from the uterus-supporting ligaments.

The Webster Technique is an enormously successful method for reducing the chances of dystocia. Our goal is to give your body all the support it needs to conduct labor free of complication. Call our office at (201) 342-6111 to schedule an appointment today

Dr. Albert Stabile, D.C., C.C.P.C.P., F.I.C.C.

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