Painkilling Your Athletic Performance

Painkillers are ubiquitous in the athletic world

And no one ever stops to ask why? Are you using NSAIDs because you suffered an acute injury or because you have a tightly packed schedule that allows you no time to recover properly from the normal aches and pains of working out? The difference is telling: the former helps mitigate the pain and inflammation which hamper rehabilitation while the latter actually prevents your muscles from performing normal rebuilding activity. 


How painkillers hurt your athletic performance

They first of all contribute to over-training syndrome by convincing your body that it is experiencing less pain. This allows you to push past the point of no return and actually cause harm to a given part of your body. Furthermore, persistent use of NSAIDs when they are not needed has been linked in multiple studies to slowing the rate of recovery for muscles and connective tissue. NSAIDs inhibit pain by blocking the body’s production of prostaglandins, chemical compounds that contribute to the body’s perception of pain. However they block all prostaglandins, even the good ones that protect your stomach, which is why persistent use of NSAIDs is frequently linked to bleeding of the stomach lining. 

When it managing the pain incurred from an acute injury, NSAIDs have their role as stated above. It is recommended that you use the lowest possible dosage for the least possible timeframe in order to afford your body that ability to take over in its natural healing role. From here chiropractic can help rehabilitate acute injuries by:

  • contributing to spinal alignment
  • preventing scar tissue adhesion
  • increasing circulation
  • decreasing inflammation

If you are interested in healing your athletic injuries in a natural and effective manner, give our office in Hackensack to start the conversation today. 

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