Exercising in Small Doses


How many seconds pass you by in a day? Micro-exercise is about redefining 60 seconds, or 10 minutes and turning them into seconds of benefit for your body and brain. If you are someone who thinks they don’t have enough time to exercise, take this as a challenge. After all, as we age, we really can’t afford to just not work out- the benefits you forego are going to set you up for an old age full of pain and dysfunction. What if you could prevent that by just devoting 10 minutes to a work out in a day ?

Microexercise should not take the place of a full exercise routine, although it does have some of the same benefits: 

  • Boosting heart rate 
  • Getting blood flowing
  • Recharging brain and body 
  • Training muscles groups such as the core, which are important for posture
  • Relieving muscles from constant contraction in a chair 

Micro-exercise is about functionality and utility. You can fit in small workouts if only you try- keep a set of dumbbells or a jump rope at your office, take to the stairs for a few sets up and down, try a 10 minute yoga or Pilates routine. Use your body weight to create resistance that builds muscle, doing push ups, planking or jumping jacks. 

At Associates in Chiropractic, we understand that working out requires dedication. But microexercise is about starting small- if you can just recapture 10 minutes the first day to breathe and get your heart rate up, who knows where that will take you. 

Dr. Albert Stabile, D.C. 

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